I’d never dreamed of becoming the CEO of a company before, because like so many people, I felt that taking a chance with my employment and leaving my job to set up a social enterprise would be too big a risk. I guess I just didn’t believe that my voice was loud enough, or my visions great enough to make an impression in a world that already had so many charities and companies looking to make a difference. But in 2011 something changed, I realised that to change my own life for the better, I needed to follow my dreams, by trying to make a positive impact in the lives of others. That’s when I decided to get the BODO ball rolling, opting to use the transaction-based-giving business model, I plan to get much needed footwear to those suffering because of this basic lack. I’ve chosen to do this by creating the BODO sandal, which when a pair is purchased, a pair is then donated to someone in need. This is my personal blog, where I will cover a range of subjects, including updates on BODO’s progress and topics that are of interest to me.