Opening The New BODO Office

Towards the end of last year, I thought the time had come to set up a BODO office, a kind of hub that our employees could come to for meetings and the like.  Prior to this, all our employees had worked from home, consulting with one another via email or telephone, but as our product launch draws nearer and the work is becoming more intense, I felt that the time had come for us to have an office of our own. 

keeping it nice and simple...

keeping it nice and simple…

But I had to be prudent and ensure the majority of our funds remains focussed on ensuring the product and the marketing was of top quality, I didn’t want to spend huge amounts of cash setting up and maintaining a lavish office.  Luckily, a perfect place became available in Waltham Cross, a small space, with extremely cheap rent, located at the back of an internet cafe and PC repair shop that belongs to a good friend of mine Algis Cericy.
Algis is a computer engineer who I have known for over a decade and he’s been responsible for managing BODO’s IT needs since our inception.  Having him at such close hand, means that any technical issues that should arise can be dealt with almost immediately and is another reason why I chose this location to be our operational base!
I used second hand furniture and cheap plaster board to do the place up and managed to get it all set up in just a few frantic days.  The walls are painted white, because that’s a little bit of a compulsion of mine and its pretty minimalistic (just the way I like it – clutter infuriates me!), but I’m pleased to announce that everything is in working order and we’ve been based here since the first week of January. 

There’s plenty of entertainment where we are located, with some interesting characters (who could probably do with their own reality TV shows) popping by to brighten up our lunch breaks and having the office has proved to be an invaluable investment already!