Starting My Own Family

Just a few months ago, I got some life-changing news, my Fiancé Nadir Ismail discovered she was pregnant and honestly, I can’t describe how happy this has made me. I’ve always loved kids, but hadn’t planned to start a family right now. To be honest this all came as a bit of a surprise for me and it seems that the rollercoaster ride of parenthood is about to begin! It’s amazing how much it changes you, even before that little person arrives, your whole life starts slowly revolving around them. I’m doing my best to prepare, to have everything ready, but despite this, I know I’m going to be in for a tumultuous time and I’m sure the child is going to have a few surprise in store for us – well if he/she is anything like me that is!! In just a few months, it’s going to be late nights, early mornings, stinky nappies, burping, feeding and all the rest! Baby Shadow picstarting-family-300x174
I’m finding it difficult to contain my excitement about being a dad, I can’t wait to show our child the world and provide a nurturing environment for the little mini-me or mini-Nadir. Oh and when I can get the little’un in his or her first pair of teeny little BODO Sandals, I will be sure to post some pics on here for you guys!
On a serious note, one of the reasons I am so determined and passionate about BODO and making a difference, is for our children. I don’t mean to sound cheesy, but I’ve always kind had that belief; that we need to protect our environment and our world, so that our children have a future to look forward to and a healthy planet to inherit!

Introducing The Maasai Whisper Project

As my regular readers will know, one of my inspirations and indeed an inspiration for BODO, is the charity Whisper World Orphanage Fund. Founded by a friend of mine, Veronika Cejpkova and Antonio Genco, Whisper has been caring for many orphaned children in Uganda by providing them food, shelter and an education. Whisper Maasai5This year, Whisper will be celebrating five years and to commemorate this, they’ve decided to launch the Maasai Whisper Project with a fundraising event at the Meininger Hotel in South Kensington. Back when Veronika and Antonio first returned from a trip to Africa and decided to launch the charity, one of their ideas for a fundraising event included a naked photoshoot featuring many of their female friends and acquaintances modelling just Maasai jewellery! whisper massai3They had planned to showcase this photoshoot during an elaborate fundraiser, but the time never seemed right and the idea sat waiting in the wings. Now they’ve decided that their five year anniversary is the perfect time to showcase this photoshoot as well as raising some essential funds for the charity!
The event will be a colourful affair, with dancing, singing and entertainment for the guests, who will also have the opportunity to buy unique and exquisite Maasai jewellery. I’ll definitely be going to show my support to their cause and if it sounds like something you’d be interested in, tickets are available for £20 online prior to the event or £25 on the door. You can find out more information on the website

My Love Of Tattoos & Tattoo Art

Petes-Beastie-Boys-tatt-300x300For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated by tattoos and tattoo art. I myself have numerous different designs, I’m not covered from head-to-foot or anything, but I do sport several tats. A great many of my tattoos have been done by Jeff Ortega, including my latest design, a Run DMC & Beastie Boys mashup that I’ve included a picture of!! I’m also pretty proud of my dream catcher tats as the imagery and what they symbolise means a great deal to me. Every single one of my tattoos is significant though, they each hold different memories or remind me of certain times of my life – people I hung around with, things I got up to etc. I also feel that they say a lot about my personality, encompassing my love for creativity, design and originality.

 Tattoos are one of my biggest passions (after BODO of course) and I’d even go as far as to say that I have something of a tattoo addiction as not long after one tat is completed, I’m thinking about what to have next! In fact, I’ve already got plans for my next piece of ink which will be a very special one because it combines two of my biggest passions in life, I’m just waiting for the BODO Sandal to go on sale and then I’m going to get inked with an image of the sandal and the BODO Logo! I will of course post pictures of it on here when it’s done!