Connecting With Our Community: BODO Planet Blog

Following on from last week’s blog post about the importance of reaching out and connecting with people who had a similar ethical and Bodo Planet banner connectingmoral code as BODO UK, this week I will be writing about our other website that was created for this purpose. is a website where BODO covers a range of subjects that are in keeping with our vision and ideals of protecting the environment, bringing about real and lasting social change and campaigns that we feel deserve to be heard about.
The blog posts for Bodo Planet are written primarily by Sheniz Raif, who is responsible for creating a lot of BODO’s content, from the posts that appear on our social media pages to product descriptions and the like.
For BODO, the website Bodo Planet is not only a way of giving coverage to the stories that we feel are important and that may not be given the kind of coverage they deserve by the mainstream media, but it is also our way of demonstrating to our followers an in-depth example of the kind of things that we, as a company, care about.
Initially we decided that the website content would solely focus on environmental matters, in keeping with our commitment to help protect the planet. However after some deliberation, we decided to expand and broaden the subject matter to include matters of social interest and the work of other charities and organisations that we felt was important.
We aim to create content that is fresh and appeals to our fanbase and hope that Bodo Planet will serve as a platform through which we can connect and network with our community. We also feel that with the right kind of publicity and marketing, Bodo Planet will also become a tool that will encourage people to read about and get involved with the things that matter.

Connecting With Our Community – BODO’s ATTYRE Blog

From the very early stages of BODO’s inception, we knew how important it would be to connect with people who had an interest in Attyreethical fashion, recycling, the environment and sustainability.  We’ve always felt that this kind of person would be most likely to believe in BODO’s ideals and mission to help bring about real and lasting social change by helping to provide footwear to those in greatest need.  We felt that people who already care about the aforementioned issues would be most likely to support our cause and become fans, followers and of course, customers so engaging these people has always been incredibly important to us.

One of the ways in which we aimed to do this was through our blog Attyre. covers all aspects of ethical fashion and sustainable design and is written and edited by Rosie Clarke, who joined the BODO team in June of 2013 after her writing caught my attention and some of BODO’s other employees.  Rosie has always been passionate about writing and when asked about Attyre and its goals she said; “Through ATTYRE, I hope to inspire others about the world of green innovation, to celebrate BODO footwear, and to show that ethics and aesthetics definitely do go hand in hand. We cover all aspects of sustainable fashion and design, focusing exclusively on all things eco-friendly.”

Through Attyre, we aimed to connect with a community of people who share our interests.  By creating a site with a strong social media presence where people can leave comments and find articles and features of interest, we hope to build a strong fanbase of loyal and frequent site-visitors.  We are also hoping the site’s attractive layout and good content will also help to raise awareness and attract and educate readers who may not have previously been interested in such subjects as this too is an important part of the BODO mission.   

The Importance Of Making A Good First Impression

People often say that making a good first impression is really important and this statement is just as significant, if not more so, in Handshakebusiness partnerships as it is in life. That statement, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” is so very very true. So budding CEOs and entrepreneurs take note, if you are establishing partnerships or pitching for investors, it is worth paying a lot of heed to how you present yourself in the early stages.
This statement has particular resonance for me at the moment because, as my regular readers will know, BODO UK has just established a partnership with Barefoot Foundation (Pies Descalzos Foundation).
As this is a very new development, myself and the BODO Team have been keen to ensure that we present the best possible image of ourselves to our new partners as this new working relationship is incredibly important to us. So understandably, this last week my entire focus has been centred around this partnership, ensuring that we get the right information out in our social media posts, that our websites accurately reflect the company’s vision and that everything is in place for our product launch.
I think it is integral for any business, new or old, to make good first impressions. It’s not that I’m saying you should take your foot off the gas and let mistakes happen later on the relationship, however minor errors or failings are more likely to be forgiven and have less of a detrimental impact if they come after a long period of success and delivery of promises. The last thing any budding CEO or entrepreneur wants is to mess up early on and have their new partners or investors see them as failures or let-downs. So with that said, I’ll get my nose back to the grindstone and get on with it…

An Exciting Partnership Between BODO & The Barefoot Foundation

This week has been a complete whirlwind for me and for BODO as we have managed to secure a partnership with renowned charity the Barefoot Foundation (Pies Descalzos Foundation). Barefoot3
For those of you who don’t know, the Barefoot Foundation were founded in 1997 with the intention to help children in some of Columbia’s most disadvantaged areas.
They operate on the principle that that every child, no matter where they are born, deserves the right to an education and a safe, nurturing environment in which to live and grow.
After making contact and explaining BODO’s ideals and vision to the foundation, a partnership was established after a meeting at the beginning of July between BODO representatives and the foundations directors. Through this partnership, BODO will be working hard to establish areas of Columbia within the Barefoot Foundation’s community where the BODO sandals we donate will have the biggest impact and be of the most Bodo barefootbenefit. Of course, this partnership never would have come about, if it wasn’t for the excellent work and spirit of the BODO team, who have helped to make it happen through brand building, awareness for our product and ideals and unwavering dedication to the cause.
I’ve admired the great work done by the Barefoot Foundation for a very long time, they have always been one of those organisations that I have respected and even in the early days of BODO’s inception, I had hoped to one day work alongside them.
So you can understand how pleased I am to announce this news and how exciting I am about working alongside such a respected and successful charity. I feel this is one of the first steps towards creating a strong network through which BODO can fulfil its mission to bring about real and lasting social change.


Understanding Stress & Finding Your Way Of Coping With It

One thing all budding entrepreneurs and CEOs of start-ups have in common is stress. They will have all encountered it, experienced Stress1it, battled it and eventually learnt their own individual techniques for coping with it. I think half the battle with stress is accepting that it IS going to come your way and there is not much you can do about it. If you are at the helm of a new business or pushing to make an idea or a product successful, you are going to encounter things that bring stress into your life. Unless you are really really lucky, or have a whole heap of money at your disposable, it is never going to be easy and so the way in which you react and cope with stress is going to be tied to your success and achievement.
One of the most important things I’ve learnt through being the CEO of BODO, is not to waste time with feelings of self-pity and “Why Me-ing” when stuff goes wrong that isn’t necessarily any fault of my own. Since BODO’s launch, I’ve had my fair share of problems to deal with, external contractors not delivering or people promising things they cannot produce and I learnt very quickly that any time spent bemoaning the situation is time wasted. You’ve just got to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get on with going about damage limitation and learning from that mistake so that it does not happen again. You’ll never be able to run a business where stuff doesn’t go wrong, but you can make changes so that you don’t fall victim to the same things over and over again.
stress3I’ve got two main ways of dealing with work-related stress when it comes my way, one of those is exercise. Walking away from the problem, doing a bit of exercise and coming back to it with a fresh head and fresh ideas makes it seem that little bit easier to tackle. The other is talking about it. Now dependent on what kind of entrepreneur you are, or company you run, who you talk to is very important. You don’t want to run the risk of spreading that stress down the line to your employees, although sometimes it can be helpful to chat to someone who understands the exact nature of the problem you are experiencing. I’ve always found it helpful to talk to wife, she is and always has been my trusted confidant. I know I can trust her implicitly and her opinions often help me see a way through the problem. Even if she can’t find a way to resolve the issue, just talking about it and getting the problem off my chest really helps. Those methods might not suit everybody, some might find meditation, yoga and that sort of thing more helpful, it’s just important that you find your own way of coping and not let stress bring about your downfall or make you physically sick!