The Relationship Between Fashion & Music

It’s no secret that there is a massive importantly relationship between music and fashion, it’s been there for as long as the two industries have Run DMC Adidasexisted. Think back as far as your knowledge of popular culture goes and you will no doubt have images of people wearing spangley Elvis shirts and oversized flares and the like!
As the years have gone on, the relationship has continued to grow, with fashion labels sponsoring artists and fans of those artists flocking to buy the gear that is worn by those they admire. It makes sense, fashion and music are both forms of art and expression, whether you are creating it, or using it to express yourself and your identity.
One of my favourite artists is Run DMC and as I’ve mentioned before, I also have a bit of a fetish for collecting trainers. Some of my most prized possessions include the collaboration sneakers created by Adidas featuring Run DMC which I love for obvious reasons.
Because it is part of my vision for BODO that it becomes a brand that is instantly recognizable and known worldwide and music is something that will help us to achieve this goal, I am currently working on various different projects to cement this relationship.
One of the things I have in the pipeline is working with an artist from Venice Beach, California. This artist plans to wear our BODO Sandals in one of his video clips and is also working on a catchy tune, specifically for us. I will of course, provide more details once the video and music release dates draw closer.
Making an impact in the music industry is something that is very important to me and I am always on the lookout for celebrity patrons of the company…Watch this space for more details!

BODO & Our World-Wide Workforce

One of the greatest things for me about the internet age, is how much of a smaller place it has made the world.  Now we can connect with people world mapfrom all over the globe as long as they’ve got an internet connection and a device to access it upon. 

I’ve written a lot on here before about how brilliant the internet and social media is for helping you to connect with your audience, consumers and like-minded individuals, but I also feel it is worth going into how much of impact it can have upon a company’s workforce.

With BODO, I’ve been able to employ people from different countries and continents, some of these I have met before and will meet again, and others that I may never actually meet with face to face.  But because of the internet, they can still be a valued asset to BODO UK.

Bodo Logo2Because one of BODO’s aims is to distribute sandals to some of the most remote, poverty-stricken regions in the world, having partners, contractors and employees in different locations is integral to the success of our vision.

 In the dark days before the internet, this would have meant a great deal of expensive plane tickets and a lot of travelling to-and-fro to find representatives and facilitators in these locations.  The internet has made this all so much easier and opened up an avenue through which you have access to the talents and skills of so many different people in all corners of the globe. 

Caffeine – A CEO’s Best Friend

I know I’ve written on this blog before about the importance of a healthy working balance, eating right, making the time to relax, de-stress and coffee loveunwind, but unfortunately for most CEOs, (especially those of small start-ups with limited funding), there’s going to be periods where there’s nothing you can do except work like a demon through every hour that god sends!
I’ve been subject to many of these periods, whether because of impending deadlines, last minute changes to business plans, or finding out about a rapidly approaching marketing opportunity and I’ve just got to get my head down and slog through what seems like an insurmountable mountain of work. As someone who has recently become a father too, and with employees and contractors in all parts of the world living in entirely different time zones, my working and home life collide into a tumultuous whirlwind a large majority of the time!
Its times like this that coffee becomes my best friend, a warm cup of caffeiney goodness helping to allay the sneaky sleep fairies that want to ruin everything and ensuring that I stay sharp and focussed enough to get the job done. It can often feel like a dear friend, when you are the only one awake in your house in the dead of night, sitting there with steam coming off your keyboard as you furiously type away, a little cup of coffee by your side can be a great comfort!
Sometimes I wonder how different a person I would be if it wasn’t for the caffeine I regularly infuse into my system, I know for sure I’d be a lot sleepier, and probably much grumpier too! Though I’d like to think I’d remain the positive picture of boundless energy and optimism that I am today, realistically this is probably not the case!
When it comes to your health, caffeine and coffee are tricky ones. Some studies say that they are bad for you, others herald the many benefits of the much-loved beverage. Obviously as someone who uses it like a fuel, I prefer to believe the articles that claim it has health perks because they are to my advantage, but I am not naive enough to completely put the blinkers on! I know moderation is the way forward, but unfortunately that isn’t always an option for me!

Twitter: An Excellent Tool For Marketing, Networking & Building Partnerships

I know I’ve spoken before about the importance of having a strong social media presence, however I feel like Twitter by itself is owed a post, for the Majora Twittersheer power it gives you to connect with people all over the world.
Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter actually enables you to interact with famous or important people and facilitate dialogues and networking that could end up being really important for your business and help you make the impact you desire!
twitter logosI’ve seen this first hand with BODO and Twitter; we’ve tweeted a big organisation showing our support or with a link to a write up about what we are doing and how are morals collide and they’ve tweeted back, retweeted it or contacted us via other methods. One recent incidence occurred after we tweeted a famous New York based environmental and social justice campaigner a link to one of our blog posts about her work. She responded to this tweet and engaged in a dialogue with us regarding it. Even if our blog post had been in one of the most respected, mainstream newspapers in the UK, there is still a massive chance that this NYC campaigner might not have seen it. But through twitter, this campaigner can see what is being written about her, all the way over the other side of the world.
Of course there are some old school people (and companies) who don’t use twitter, but these days everyone who is anyone has a twitter account and they pay attention to the people who tweet them! If it’s done right, Twitter can be an amazing tool for connecting with people who can provide invaluable, advice, publicity and support for your company. It can also help your company to stand up and being noticed, give you a voice and help you to achieve your goals and realise your dreams!