Wishing You All A Very Merry Christmas

I’m breaking my usual blog schedule of posting every Friday to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.   I sincerely hopeDog Rudolph that you all get to take a couple of days off work to spend this time with your family and loved ones. Here’s hoping your holiday season is full of good food, great company, smiles, hugs and laughter.  

It’s hard for me to take my foot off the BODO pedal, (as those of you who regularly read this blog will already know) but I am planning to take a little bit of time to spend with my family, it is after all, my first Christmas as a father.  Though my baby daughter is probably too young to appreciate me donning a santa outfit and attempting to shimmy down the chimney with the neighbour’s dog in tow as a badly disguised Rudolph, I will be doing everything within my power to make sure it is a really special one for her.  Normal posting schedule will resume on 2nd January, wishing you the very best for Christmas and the New Year. 

A CEO’s Sacrifice: Letting Go Of The Holiday Season

One thing you’ll learn fast as the CEO of a new startup is that the holiday season no longer applies to you. As December does what it always does, working during the holsstarting slow and then accelerating at the speed of sound whilst your taking a coffee break, leaving you 0.5 of a millisecond to get all your pressies and what not, I have been surrounded by friends and family who are taking half-days, annual leave, going for long, fancy lunches with colleagues and just generally winding down at work before the holidays begin.
This is one thing that definitely does not apply when you are a CEO, especially one of a new startup that represents your dreams and goals. Whilst many of my friends and acquaintances seem to be taking it easy before a few well-earned days of annual leave, I am very much in nose-to-the-grindstone mode. Those of you who follow the BODO blogs and facebook pages, will know that we are gearing up for our launch very soon and that of course means I am busier than usual.
Now I’m not begging for sympathy and asking anyone to get their mini-violins out and start playing me concertos, I’m simply telling it like it is. Of course I’d like to have more personal time to visit friends, family and loved ones during this time of year, but that’s just not the way it’s going to be for me and accepting that fact makes it much easier to swallow.

Sacrificing the holiday season, your weekends and a lot of your personal time is something that you are going to have to make peace with if you want to run your own company. Because I am so dedicated to seeing BODO succeed, it makes it a little easier to swallow, but to all my friends and family reading this, I hope you guys can find it in your hearts to forgive me if I miss the odd meal or gathering because I’m working!

Technology – Why It Has To Do What It Says On The Tin!

Whilst browsing through the news the other day, I stumbled upon an article about a survey done amongst staff across numerous industries whoError message felt that technology which did not do what it was supposed to was a major factor in unhappiness in the workplace and in some cases was so important that it made people want to leave their jobs.
This reminded me of some of my own experiences as a CEO and previously as an employee in the various different jobs I have had over the years. I must admit I have to agree with much of the survey’s findings. One of the most frustrating things when you are trying to get stuff done is having to wait forever for an internet page to open, for the computer to allow you to sign into your email or to find a document that you are searching for and having to constantly bat away perpetually multiplying error messages. I dread to think how many hours of my life I have wasted making the dreaded “Buffer-Face” that Kevin Bacon warns about in his 4G adverts.
I know it isn’t always financially viable to purchase the very best of the best when it comes to the technology you provide for your staff, but I smoking laptopwould say that when you’re budgeting, it is definitely worth remembering how much more productive a member of staff can be on a computer with a faster speed of internet connection and better software. Whilst it might be tempting, (especially for those trying to run a startup on a shoestring budget) to go for the cheapest deals you can find, it is worth remembering how frustrating it is for anyone to try and work with substandard equipment. If you have faster technology, you and your staff can achieve more, so really when you think about it that way, it is worth trying to funnel in a bit of extra cash for the provision and maintenance of your essential tech.
Obviously this is all dependent on the type of startup or business you are trying to run, but these days there are very few businesses that don’t need some sort of technology to keep them operational. Not everyone would agree with me, but in my opinion, making sure that your staff (and you) have the right kind of tech that they need to do the job is paramount. Listening to people shouting and swearing at their laptops in frustration or wanting to kick their hard drives to get them working really doesn’t make for a positive working experience!!

BODO Progress Report Update

Those of you who know me or who regularly read this blog or BODO’s other websites will know how excited I am by the recent partnership between

Our Donation Sandal

Our Donation Sandal

BODO and Barefoot Foundation (Pies Descalzos Foundation). When we announced the partnership back in August, I knew BODO had taken a huge step towards fulfilling our dreams and mission statement.

Bodo barefootFor the company, forging this partnership was a huge achievement, because not only does it assist us with our target of delivering BODO’s Donation Sandal to those in the biggest need, it is also an excellent opportunity to work with an established organisation that already has a long-standing reputation for the excellent work they have done thus far.

Since we first announced the partnership, we have been in regular contact with Barefoot Foundation and have been negotiating the ways in which we can go forward.  So it is with a happy heart that this week I can announce that we have just successfully delivered our first package of Donation Sandals to Barefoot Foundation for them to hand out as they see fit.  

For me, this is a big milestone as it’s the first delivery of this kind in what I hope will be a long and successful partnership which will greatly benefit both organisations.  I look forward to many more deliveries of this kind and know that it will go a long way towards helping us achieve our goal of bringing about real and lasting social change.