My Bad Habits: Persistently Talking About Work

Following on from my decision to give the readers of this blog an insight into the real me, I thought I’d do a few entries on my bad habits, becauseElbows on table we all have them and they make up a fair portion of our personalities.  Anyone who tries to tell you that they don’t have any is telling big fat porkies!

Everyone has what some may consider to be “bad habits” and we’re never all going to agree all the time on what constitutes a “bad habit”, like for some people, putting elbows on the dinner table whilst eating would be considered a bad habit, but for many of us, it’s not something we’d even notice, let alone find irritating or disagreeable. bad habits

I guess then, the “bad habits” I’ll be writing about are the things I notice about myself, the things I know I could probably do with changing for the benefit of those around me and I’ll start with probably the worst one of the lot for my long suffering loved ones – talking about work all the time!

As you all well know, I am really passionate about BODO UK and because it is a small startup, I have brought in a lot of family and friends to work with me on the project.  Some have come in as contractors, doing odd bits and pieces as and when they are needed, others I have brought on board in a more long-term capacity.   This has meant that my social circle and my business have collided, so a lot of the time, gatherings with friends, birthdays, dinners, etc, can turn into impromptu business meetings. 

For the last few years, my dear wife has had to put up with me interrupting conversations with her best friend, with BODO updates as her friend is one of our main writers. They will be happily chatting away, catching up with what has been going on in their lives and suddenly I’ll appear with some BODO information and take the conversation into a totally different direction. 

I know some of my loved ones would prefer it if I toned the work talk down a little and recently I have made the effort to try and separate the two a bit more (like waiting till after the candles have been blown out at my nephews birthday party before bringing it up!) but at the same time everyone is so used to it that its kinda just been accepted.  BODO is a part of my personality now and I’m lucky that those around me show an interest in it too! 

Our Growing Love Affair With Trainers

I was reading an article in the newspaper about society’s growing affection for posting pictures of their favourite trainers on social media

One day, people shall be wearing these to business meetings

we are nearing a time, when wearing these to business meetings will be perfectly acceptable

platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and it really got me thinking.
As my friends will already well know and I have previously mentioned on this blog, I am already a self-confessed trainer addict, I’ve been collecting the things for years and have amassed quite an impressive collection.
The article explored the rise of platforms like Instagram for fashion and footwear advertising and I started pondering the reasons why so many of us become so attached to our beloved trainers.
Trainers3I must admit that I’m not one of those people who regularly takes pictures of whatever sneakers I am wearing that day and posts them on social media. I do however often find myself sharing stories, articles, pictures, videos and the like about the latest releases, limited editions and rare items.
I think that part of my own love of collecting trainers also inspired me to start BODO, as the idea of people not having any footwear was an incredibly disturbing one. Obviously the inspiration behind BODO goes much much deeper than that as I have previously elaborated, but you get what I mean, I hope.
For me, trainers say so much more than shoes. If I’m totally honest, shoes bore me a little. I love that society is becoming more and more acceptable towards expressive fashion that is loud, colourful and not the traditional suit and tie job.

I mean if you think back a few years ago, most people with an office job would have to squeeze themselves into their plain dark coloured shoes, put on a shirt and trousers and head off to work feeling stuffy and uncomfortable. Now, with companies like Google, Facebook and their techie startup counterparts leading the way, wearing jeans, t-shirts and trainers to go to a job where you work at a computer has become much more acceptable if not the norm.
If you are someone who still has to wear the full suit shebang to work, my apologies to you, but just by stepping on a rush hour train, it does seem that more people get to dress a little more themselves at work.
I’m all for freedom with the attire world, I personally really don’t like suits and don’t like to think of people being forced into wearing one particular style of clothing, just because tradition dictates it so!

Not quite my bedroom, but maybe one day!

Not quite my bedroom, but maybe one day!

Writing About The Real Me

One of the reasons I have been doing this blog is to allow BODO’s supporters and followers to get to be able to keep up with the goings on within the company and to get to know the real me. Apparently, according to all the advice that I have been given and the research I have done, it’s the done thing for startup CEO’s these days.
So far, the majority of the posts have been focused on what’s been going on with BODO, how we have been progressing and any important developments, I have also been sharing my experience of being a CEO, the lessons I’ve learnt and the things that I feel are important for those who are looking to become CEO’s themselves, but I have yet to delve much into my own personality, or share what I am really like.
I’m not a particularly experienced blogger, in fact, this is the only time in my life that I’ve done anything like this, I don’t even post a lot on social media, (unless of course it’s about the latest developments with BODO)!
Writing about my personal experiences isn’t really something that comes naturally to me, but I am giving it my best shot so please bear with me! I like to think of myself as a very open and talkative person who will happily chat away for hours with pretty much anyone, sharing opinions, ideas, experiences and the like, but writing about it is something that I find that little bit harder! I’ve been thinking about the process of it quite a lot, mainly because of this blog, and I do think it’s quite weird that that comfort and ease in conversation doesn’t translate into the written word for me. I am hopeful though that with a bit of practice, I will improve!
So in a bid to give the readers of this blog a better insight into who I am as a person and what makes me tick, I will spend the next few weeks focused on the things that makes me who I am, including likes and dislikes, bad habits, personality traits and suchlike!

The Importance Of Delivering A World Class Product

Since the very beginning of BODO, one thing I’ve always felt really strongly about is the importance of delivering a world class product. I have had so many discussions with business colleagues, friends, acquaintances and the like about this subject and I’ve often been accused of being a bit of a perfectionist.
I’ll admit it, I am wholeheartedly focussed and determined on ensuring that when the BODO Sandal is released for sale, it is going to be a top quality product. At no point during the process have I been willing to back down or take avenues that would compromise the quality of the Bodo Pic NEWproduct. I know that my way may have taken a little longer and might have cost more money, but for me, there was just no other way around it.
I think it’s really important to practise what you preach and one of my least favourite things in this world is hypocrisy, so it was paramount that I ensured that the BODO Sandal was as good as it’s been hyped to be, that it really is ethically sourced and an excellent quality item of footwear. That’s one of the reasons why I was adamant that it underwent the most rigorous of testing (which is where I enlisted the assistance of independent testing organisation SATRA) and why I refused to cut corners on any of the design or production processes.
I know that there are a lot of shoddy businessmen out there, who will happily pawn off a product that they know does not do what it says on the tin, so to speak. This unscrupulous type of person doesn’t care as long as their pockets are lined.
Personally I find this kind of business practise and attitude totally abhorrent and for me, it represents all that’s wrong with our world. Because BODO is all about bringing about real and lasting social change, about helping to protect people and the planet, I know how important it is that I do what I say I am going to do and that our product really is world class. I suppose in this instance, it really does help being something of a perfectionist!