Promoting BODO – Viral Vids & Infographics

Recently I have been working on several projects intended to promote and enhance BODO’s image and reputation via social media channels. One of the ways that the organisation has been looking to do this is through the use of promotional material such as viral videos and infographics.
We have worked on a few viral videos since our inception including those that feature practical information about the BODO sandal and our transaction-based giving business model and others that have featured our followers and supporters expressing their interest in the product and what the company is trying to do, such as the freestyle rap produced by Zet Cortez on Venice Beach a little while ago. bodo_short_infographic-3
More recently, we have been working on a number of other videos and promotional material such as the publicity shots taken by agency Blonde & Black and Infographics created by Smart Cookie Design.
Whilst analysing the best promotional methods about, I kept getting led back to infographics and decided to do some research into why they are so popular these days. According to several schools of thought, this is due to the fact that we are pretty much hard-wired to get more out of them than other forms of information. According to one infographic we can get the sense of visual scene in less than 1/10th of a second and it takes us only 150ms for a symbol to be processed and +100ms to attach meaning to it. It also stated that research has found that colour visuals increase the willingness to read by as much as 80%, so for a company trying to grab people’s interest and provide information on their product, there really can be no argument about their massive potential!
I have included one of our more recent infographics, which I am completely chuffed with as I feel it captures all of the relevant information about BODO in a catchy and informative manner.
I am a firm fan of infographics (when they are done right of course) for the purposes of business promotion. A good infographic should be shareable, easy on the eye, informative, catchy and of course it is really important that they feature the correct facts and the important information. Obviously I might be slightly biased, but I feel that our infographic does all of that and I am hoping that you will agree and share it to help us spread the word!

Rolex & Viagra – The Email Spamfest

For this week’s post, I feel I have to rant a little bit as I am so fed up of receiving email spam trying to sell me RolexSpam Emails and Viagra!! Honestly sometimes I feel as though I have stepped back in time and become the target of some late 90s/early 00s email scam! Whatever I do, no matter how much I block, delete or flag, those emails keep on coming! Seriously, why are there still people out there who do this, surely they can’t actually make any money from it because there can’t really be anyone out there daft enough to even open these emails, let alone hand over their card details?!? Can there?
These days, targeted advertising has reached unprecedented levels, those guys have it honed close to perfection, one minute you are searching for a pair of walking boots and the next minute, those styles that you casually perused through are appearing on your email, Facebook and other social media feeds yelling “buy me, buy me, buy me – oh and you might like me in this colour too”!
So why then, do I find myself still suffering from the rubbish Viagra and Rolex emails that were the cursed norm back in the dark ages of email advertising!
I can honestly swear that I have never conducted a single internet search for either Viagra or Rolex watches and am exceptionally careful where I leave my email address, ensuring that I always put that ‘X’ in the “please for the love of god don’t send me spam box”.
I know some people that have been afflicted with this issue in the past, who have simply sacrificed their email address just to escape the clutches of the Viagra-lord and tacky-fake-watch-man, but given that I conduct so much work through my email address, that simply is not an option for me. I have so many BODO contacts, in all corners of the globe, people I have worked with in the past and may wish to work with again, who I have solely communicated with via email and not all of those contacts are saved in my contacts list. Then there are all the friends and acquaintances I have made over the years that I do not wish to lose touch with!
I really am at my wits end with these emails and I am running out of ideas about how to combat them! So if anyone has any tips, please let me know!!

2015: The Highs & Lows

The last 12 months have been interesting, hectic, crazy, incredible, difficult, enlightening, stressful, amazing and tumultuous! As founder of BODO, there is never a dull moment and everything is always a million miles an hour. Though it would sometimes be nice to have a little more downtime, I wouldn’t have it any other way!
BODO and our dedicated team has of course had a few low points during the last year, the biggest one being that we had to delay the launch of the BODO Sandal as things didn’t quite come together in time. Delaying the launch was a difficult decision, but one that really was made for me, because stuff just wouldn’t have been ready in time for it to have gone the way it should have done! I am a firm believer in the saying, “if you are going to do something, you might as well do it properly” and that is one of the reasons why the decision to delay the launch was made.
There was also a great many high points during the course of year, I made a great many excellent contacts that I believe will prove to be invaluable to BODO in the future. Some of these are external contractors who we will be working with, like the publicity company Blonde and Black, others have passed on invaluable advice or wisdoms that I will utilise when making future decisions for the good of the company. BODO has also built some amazing partnerships, for example with William Lamb, from the Federation of Small Business (FSB). Working with Lamb, we have now developed a Children’s Donation Sandal that everyone in the team is really excited about! Watch this space for more information about that…
Another high point was winning award for “Best Ethical Footwear 2015” from Sublime Magazine. Having your hard work recognised by external bodies, like magazines and websites is really great for the business and also a nice little ego boost! 2015
I am also exceptionally happy with the BODO Twitter account, which went from 0 to more than 2000 ethical followers who are all helping to spread the word about BODO and our donation philosophy! Over the course of 2015, I also attended some incredible events and showcases, through which I have expanded on my knowledge of the ethical fashion market and also established several excellent contacts going forward.
Outside of my life as founder of BODO, the most important thing during the last year has been my young daughter, who celebrated her first birthday in June. Watching her grow, develop and learn has been an incredible experience and easily one of the most fulfilling things about my life to date.
All in all, I feel 2015 has been a good year and I eagerly anticipate the adventures that 2016 will bring!

The Dreaded Christmas ManFlu

I hope you all had a good festive season and have managed to say goodbye to the holidays without too many tears Man Flu Starkand recriminations! Before I do my usual welcome to 2016 and yearly summary/analysis posts, I feel like it is necessary to share a little rant about the dreaded ManFlu that has infiltrated the holidays of so many of my friends, loved ones, colleagues and acquaintances this year!
What is about getting ill the minute you have a few days off from work!?!?
I’ve recently had several discussions with some of my workaholic buddies who happened to get really ill just in time to coincide with their annual leave for the festive season. These are the kind of people who rarely call in sick, the ones who will never pull a bunk or a duvet day for frivolous reasons and will go into work come rain or shine. They are usually the kind of folk who work crazy hours, often have two jobs and/or a million responsibilities and so many of them bemoan the fact that the minute they have a few days of annual leave, their body turns hostile host and decides to incubate any nasty seasonal bugs that happen to be doing the rounds!
Manflu biohazardOne school of thought would have it down as a pure coincidence, but another would say it’s all psychological, that when the mind realises it has some downtime coming up it opens the floodgates for the immune system to relax and that’s when all the nasties strike! When you are working round the clock, there simply isn’t time to be ill and get it all done and your body knows this only too well. So when free-time strikes and you prepare to relax and start watching that Star Wars marathon, the ManFlu creeps in to ensure that you’ll have to share your sci-fi marathon with 3 boxes of Kleenex, perpetual Lemsip, a hot water bottle and a blankie!
I was speaking to one friend who has had like 2 sick days this year but the last 3 times she has gone on holiday or taken a few days of annual leave, she has proceeded to get really horrible flu bugs!
It’s really quite a bizarre thing and it seems to happen to me and lots of my friends and acquaintances for it to be simply a coincidence!
Here’s hoping you all managed to avoid the dreaded ManFlu and your holidays were a snot-free zone!