BODO’s Kickstarter Campaign Goes Live & We Need Your Help!

Bodo infographic2

An infographic from BODO’s Kickstarter campaign

After loads of preparation and organisation, the moment is finally here as the BODO Kickstarter campaign has gone live!!
I’m conscious of the fact that just a little while ago I was asking you to help BODO and myself by voting for our pitch in the Virgin #VOOM competition and here I am again asking for your help once again. I hope though, that you can find it in your heart and your mouse to help support our cause as we will need all of our readers, fans, followers and friends to help us to reach our target. If you are in a position where you can donate to our campaign, then you can do so here:

Of course I understand that not everyone will be in the financial position to be able to donate but I’m hoping that you can still help us to spread the word and reach others by sharing our link on your social media platforms and enable us to reach more people!
I find it really difficult to find the words to describe what the last few months have been like, but I’m going to try, it has been totally hectic, exhilarating, informative and incredibly busy! What with entering Virgin’s #VOOM competition (which at the time of writing this post is still open and we need just a few more of your votes to make it through to the next stage of the competition) and then the launch of our Kickstarter campaign.

For me, it was paramount to get the Kickstarter campaign right and now that the moment is finally here and our appeal is up on the crowdfunding website, there is an element of relief that it is done, but of course this time is equally important, making sure that it is marketed and promoted in such a way that we give BODO the best chance to succeed.

We have set our target amount at £11,000, deciding after several discussions to opt for quite a small amount as we didn’t want to risk not meeting the target. This decision was made with careful consideration of Kickstarters “all or nothing” system, which basically means that the people who contribute are only charged for the money if we reach our set target. If we don’t make it to our set target, then we walk away empty handed.

The BODO Kickstarter campaign went live last week and we have 30 days to raise our target amount, the closing date for pledges is Thursday 16th June 2016 so please get clicking and sharing!

An Appeal For Your Votes


A screengrab of our pitch whilst in 146th position

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have been lucky enough to be chosen to enter BODO in the Virgin #VOOM competition for startups and entrepreneurs. Through this competition BODO can obtain much needed funding and/or tips and advice from the very best people in the business depending on how well we do. If nothing else, it has proved a fascinating and insightful experience for me and I thoroughly enjoyed attending the pitch event a few weeks ago, I have already learnt some great things and met some very interesting people. But of course like the others, we are in it to win it and on Saturday 7th May my pitch for BODO entered in at position 687. After a few days of plugging the business across BODO’s various different websites and social media channels, as well as asking for support from friends and family who shared our pitch via Facebook and twitter, we made a huge leap up the rankings, making it to 155 in just 4 days. At the time of writing this, we are currently in 146 position, but I hope by the time you are reading this, we have climbed even further!
This post is basically asking for your help, if you read this blog, you probably fall into one of two categories, you are either a friend/loved one, or you are intrigued and interested in BODO and what the company hopes to achieve. I hope whatever group you fall into you will show your support for BODO by taking a few moments out of your day to click on the link and register your vote! You can register via LinkedIN or Facebook and it will literally take under a minute (I’ve timed it so I know). Those of you who are feeling particularly generous with your time/support then please feel free to share the link across your own social media platforms to help us to reach even more people and achieve our goals!
In case you missed it earlier, I’ll repeat the link again here: you can also watch our pitch video below!


My Incredible Experience With “Pitch to Rich” and #VOOM

At the start of April I received a phone call from #123VOOM where I was told that I’d been successful in my initial application. I’d initially applied through 123Reg (#VOOM’s partners for 2016) and it was a great feeling to be told that my pitch had been one of the few selected out of approximately 6000 applicants to get to the next stage! VOOM
I was invited to a “Team Clinic” day on the 12th April which took place at The Hospital Club in London and was given the opportunity to listen to expert advice on putting together an awesome pitch. The Team Clinic day was a truly incredible experience and I met some really inspirational people who gave me some really sound advice that is not only invaluable in helping me to shape my pitch, but that I feel will also be really useful for the future of BODO. At the end of the day, there was a chance to meet journalists and do a little bit of informal networking, which I thoroughly enjoyed and thought was very useful.
I had to be prepared to give a two-minute pitch and could provide supporting material such as a PowerPoint presentation. Probably the hardest thing about the whole thing for me was ensuring that I didn’t go over the two-minute time limit (this is definitely not allowed) as I love to talk about BODO and the vision I have for the company! But with some practise I managed to get the pitch down to the required time and was pleased with my delivery on the day. Now I am just preparing to make a formal pitch via #VOOM and hoping I make it through to the next stage of the competition!
Before attending the event, all applicants were advised to think about what makes their pitch really stand out from the crowd, to make sure our pitch including the things that made our idea special and innovative. As a little heads up, we were advised to listen to a TED Talk by the inspirational Simon Sinek, who is a renowned motivational speaker and leadership consultant. His talk was fascinating and I feel it gave some really good ideas, so I’ll leave you with that for today and hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

An Action-Packed April

Last month has been a pretty hectic one for me, initially I assumed that all my energy would be focussed on getting the BODO Kickstarter campaign just perfect (watch this space for more info on that) but little did I know that the universe had other ideas! First I was offered the brilliant opportunity to be interviewed by renowned sustainable lifestyle magazine Sublime!
Then I was also contacted by Richard Branson’s ‘Pitch to Rich’ competition and was chosen to attend an event on the 12th April where I got to make a 2 minute pitch, but that deserves its own blog post so I will go into more detail about that next week. Obviously these were opportunities that I’d be foolish to turn down, so April turned into something of a whirlwind of a month for me! I’ve been so busy that I can’t describe, but it really has been the best kind of busy! Working on projects like this is something I find really exhilarating! bodo pic sublime
The Sublime interview featured on their website on the 21st April and I am really chuffed to have been given such a great opportunity. Sublime are arguably one of the best and oldest sustainable fashion magazines, with a huge readership. After their inception in 2004, they quickly grew as it became clear that people wanted to read a publication with intelligent content and ethical values.
I have read Sublime for many years and especially since I founded BODO as I believe it is a magazine with similar ethical values and ideals. The interview covers what inspired me to start BODO, how the idea came about, my biggest challenges, my hopes for the future, my motivations and much much more!
The article was written by the wonderful Charlotte Marceau who really captured the essence of the message I was trying to get across to the Sublime readers. It was a great experience to be featured in a publication as high profile and admired as Sublime and I am very grateful for the opportunity to feature BODO’s ideas and vision on their platform.
If you haven’t already, then you can read the article here: Please feel free to share it on your social media platforms and help us to promote BODO!