About Me

BODO founder Peter Lochan was born in Hornsey, London, in 1972 and is of Trinidadian descent. Peter went to school in Stoke Newington, but due to a number of reasons, including undiagnosed dyslexia, he never really excelled academically and ended up leaving school without any qualifications. After school, Peter briefly attended college before coasting along working in basic level jobs.

On a whim, he went to New York in 1991, where at first he experienced real hardship and poverty. However, New York is where he learned to stand on his own two feet as an individual and first discovered what he wanted to do with his life. By chance, he started working with charitable organisations that sought to help disenfranchised young people achieve their full potential and deter them from joining gangs and leading lives of crime. It was through his work with organisations like these that Peter discovered his desire to help others, and he decided to build a career upon it.

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Late in 1992, Peter got what you could define as his first “real” job, working at the Job Centre in Wood Green, North London. For the next decade, Peter worked towards helping people find employment that fit their aspirations and dreams. In 2005, Peter felt the time had come for a change. He spent two years travelling Central America and the U.S.A. and then returned to England, where he worked for various government-funded training providers. Over the next few years, Peter set up and ran his own employment consultancy, working as an independent Employment and Skills advisor. His achievements include winning and delivering a contract for the UK’s biggest disabled charity, working with young offenders with mental health conditions and other disabilities.

After learning about the detrimental impact that a lack of footwear can have on the lives of people in the third world, he decided in 2011 to start BODO. He believed that the transaction-based giving of the buy one donate one model would be the best way to get the product, durable sandals, out to the maximum number of people.

He had heard stories about his uncle in Trinidad who, whilst unemployed, had the ingenious idea to attach material from used car tyres to the boots of oil field workers to give them better grip. This proved to be exceedingly popular and provided him with an income. His uncle’s story gave Peter the idea to create the BODO Sandal using recycled car tyres, and after discussing it with a small group of close friends who shared similar ethical beliefs, a dedicated and enthusiastic team was formed.

Peter Lochan has vast experience working in the charitable sector and is driven by the desire to help those who are less fortunate. He lives in London with his wife Nadir and his daughter Leila, and he is focused on turning BODO into a worldwide brand.