Arms Around The Child: An Incredible Charity Doing Some Fantastic Work

This week I want to write about a charity called Arms Around The Child (AATC) that I have recently been in contact with over the possibility of developing a partnership with BODO. They are a fantastic organisation that does a lot of great work in incredibly impoverished parts of the world and I wanted to tell you a little bit about them and help promote their incredibly worthy cause.AATC
They were founded in 2012 with their mission being to provide safe, loving homes for children living in adversity. They have three main aims based around protecting children and providing a nurturing environment in which they can grow and achieve their full potential.
They do some incredible relief work within communities in India and South Africa that have been devastated by AIDS/HIV by helping to provide anti-retro viral treatment and providing the medical and social care needed to promote good health.
Another focus of AATC is to raise awareness of the plight of children living in communities that have been impacted by AIDS/HIV and/or living in parentless households, by conducting campaigns and promoting education and understanding. As well as this, the AATC is also determined to have a positive impact by increasing the understanding of governments by making them aware of the reality of the situation faced by children living in these communities, in the hope that they can bring about positive changes in policy to help the situation improve.
They provide a loving and nurturing environment to children who have lost their parents to AIDS or who are at risk of contracting HIV. They provide much-needed education on the subject, helping these children to understand the risks and how to keep themselves safe, they provide medical treatment and most of help to empower these children to go on to lead happy, healthy lives.
Describing their mission on their facebook page, AATC explain the dire situation of many orphans:
“Orphans are affected by many factors. Shame, fear, rejection, denial of basic education and health care, discrimination. Orphans suffer with depression, anxiety, neglect, emotional trauma with little or no support and this often results in exploitation and abuse. The future can be very bleak for these gorgeous children. Arms Around The Child aims to advance awareness of this horror and through Global media and campaigning we will engage the public and translate that engagement into action.”
I think they are an incredible organisation carrying out some really important work and they really deserve our support and respect. I have a great deal of admiration for the work that they are doing and hope that in the future, BODO can play its part in helping them to achieve their goals.