Becoming A Father

This week I am continuing on with the things in my life that really make me happy and feel fulfilled as a person. Being a Father
One of the biggest things for me has got to be becoming a father, anyone with working sperm and a place to put it can bring a child into this world, but being a father is a totally different thing.
In June of last year, my wonderful wife gave birth to our beautiful daughter Leila. I’d always been a child-friendly person before, making the time to see my nephew and the other children in my family and friendship circles, has always been important to me. I think it’s partly because I’m a big kid at heart myself that means I enjoy interacting with the little folk, but on a subliminal level, I think it’s because I also know how important it is for kids to have good role models in their lives. So I’ve always tried my best to be that role model guy, as well as being the cool uncle that buys the Becoming a dad lionsbest toys of course!
Like a lot of people, I hoped that there would be children in my future, but I didn’t realise just how happy they can make you and how much everything would change when my own child came along!
I know everyone says it, but until you become a parent for yourself, you just can’t describe the feeling that it brings. I know I’ve created this beautiful little life who relies on me and her mother for absolutely everything. It makes your world stand still and really does put everything perspective.
I’m not going to pretend it hasn’t been difficult, the sleepless nights are like nothing I’ve ever experienced, having to juggle a fuller-than-full-time job and a little one definitely takes its toll and “free time” is now an abstract notion that I think I vaguely remember experiencing a long time ago. I think I’ve mastered the art of sleep-walking and have seriously honed my multi-tasking abilities. That said, I wouldn’t change any of it for a second, having Leila is one of the best things that I have done and I can’t explain how happy having her in my life has made me!