BODO & Our World-Wide Workforce

One of the greatest things for me about the internet age, is how much of a smaller place it has made the world.  Now we can connect with people world mapfrom all over the globe as long as they’ve got an internet connection and a device to access it upon. 

I’ve written a lot on here before about how brilliant the internet and social media is for helping you to connect with your audience, consumers and like-minded individuals, but I also feel it is worth going into how much of impact it can have upon a company’s workforce.

With BODO, I’ve been able to employ people from different countries and continents, some of these I have met before and will meet again, and others that I may never actually meet with face to face.  But because of the internet, they can still be a valued asset to BODO UK.

Bodo Logo2Because one of BODO’s aims is to distribute sandals to some of the most remote, poverty-stricken regions in the world, having partners, contractors and employees in different locations is integral to the success of our vision.

 In the dark days before the internet, this would have meant a great deal of expensive plane tickets and a lot of travelling to-and-fro to find representatives and facilitators in these locations.  The internet has made this all so much easier and opened up an avenue through which you have access to the talents and skills of so many different people in all corners of the globe.