BODO (Buy One Donate One) is a fledgling UK-based ethical fashion company founded by Peter Lochan, whose goal is to provide people living in poverty with adequate footwear. Peter has always been driven by a desire to help others achieve their full potential and was inspired to set up the social enterprise BODO after discovering just how much a lack of footwear can negatively impact people’s livelihoods, education and health!

The idea to create a sandal using material from recycled car tyres came to Peter from stories passed down through generations of his family in Trinidad. These stories centred around one of his uncles, an oil field worker who had the innovative idea of cutting up used tyres and fastening them to his sandals to stop him from slipping whilst he worked. His idea proved hugely popular with the other workers, and soon he was creating modified sandals for his colleagues too!

BODO has a mission, and that mission is driven by two goals. One goal is to provide durable and practical footwear to people living in poverty-stricken communities. The other is to create a funky and fashionable sandal made from recycled materials that everyone will just love to wear.

The name BODO is an acronym for ‘Buy One Donate One,’ a type of transaction-based giving which the company is using to market their product, the BODO Sandal, and get it to those who are in direst need. Whenever a pair of BODO Sandals is bought, a pair will then be donated to a person in need.

The ‘Buy One Donate One’ concept is an innovative idea, proven successful in the world of ethical fashion. It is a relatively new way of making a difference, a novel way of granting more people access to many of the basic necessities that so many of us take for granted.

The ‘Buy One Donate One’ system was chosen because the BODO team felt it would be the most effective way to get their product to the greatest number of people in dire need of footwear. They felt that instead of asking for something for nothing, offering customers a stylish, high quality and environmentally-friendly product for their money would help them meet their targets.

The BODO team also made it a priority to make their product environmentally friendly and so decided that the Sandal would be made using material from recycled car tyres.

The BODO team felt that the majority of footwear on today’s markets wears out far too quickly. They wanted to create a product with a lifespan closer to that of a car tyre than of a typical shoe. The resilience of the ultra-durable tyre-rubber, which is suitable for various different terrains, will ensure that the BODO Sandal is not only environmentally friendly, but is also going to last the distance.

BODO is currently in the process of getting their first sandal model, the Xtremely Tyre’d range into high street stores and available for sale online.