BODO’s Kickstarter Campaign Goes Live & We Need Your Help!

Bodo infographic2

An infographic from BODO’s Kickstarter campaign

After loads of preparation and organisation, the moment is finally here as the BODO Kickstarter campaign has gone live!!
I’m conscious of the fact that just a little while ago I was asking you to help BODO and myself by voting for our pitch in the Virgin #VOOM competition and here I am again asking for your help once again. I hope though, that you can find it in your heart and your mouse to help support our cause as we will need all of our readers, fans, followers and friends to help us to reach our target. If you are in a position where you can donate to our campaign, then you can do so here:

Of course I understand that not everyone will be in the financial position to be able to donate but I’m hoping that you can still help us to spread the word and reach others by sharing our link on your social media platforms and enable us to reach more people!
I find it really difficult to find the words to describe what the last few months have been like, but I’m going to try, it has been totally hectic, exhilarating, informative and incredibly busy! What with entering Virgin’s #VOOM competition (which at the time of writing this post is still open and we need just a few more of your votes to make it through to the next stage of the competition) and then the launch of our Kickstarter campaign.

For me, it was paramount to get the Kickstarter campaign right and now that the moment is finally here and our appeal is up on the crowdfunding website, there is an element of relief that it is done, but of course this time is equally important, making sure that it is marketed and promoted in such a way that we give BODO the best chance to succeed.

We have set our target amount at £11,000, deciding after several discussions to opt for quite a small amount as we didn’t want to risk not meeting the target. This decision was made with careful consideration of Kickstarters “all or nothing” system, which basically means that the people who contribute are only charged for the money if we reach our set target. If we don’t make it to our set target, then we walk away empty handed.

The BODO Kickstarter campaign went live last week and we have 30 days to raise our target amount, the closing date for pledges is Thursday 16th June 2016 so please get clicking and sharing!