Caffeine – A CEO’s Best Friend

I know I’ve written on this blog before about the importance of a healthy working balance, eating right, making the time to relax, de-stress and coffee loveunwind, but unfortunately for most CEOs, (especially those of small start-ups with limited funding), there’s going to be periods where there’s nothing you can do except work like a demon through every hour that god sends!
I’ve been subject to many of these periods, whether because of impending deadlines, last minute changes to business plans, or finding out about a rapidly approaching marketing opportunity and I’ve just got to get my head down and slog through what seems like an insurmountable mountain of work. As someone who has recently become a father too, and with employees and contractors in all parts of the world living in entirely different time zones, my working and home life collide into a tumultuous whirlwind a large majority of the time!
Its times like this that coffee becomes my best friend, a warm cup of caffeiney goodness helping to allay the sneaky sleep fairies that want to ruin everything and ensuring that I stay sharp and focussed enough to get the job done. It can often feel like a dear friend, when you are the only one awake in your house in the dead of night, sitting there with steam coming off your keyboard as you furiously type away, a little cup of coffee by your side can be a great comfort!
Sometimes I wonder how different a person I would be if it wasn’t for the caffeine I regularly infuse into my system, I know for sure I’d be a lot sleepier, and probably much grumpier too! Though I’d like to think I’d remain the positive picture of boundless energy and optimism that I am today, realistically this is probably not the case!
When it comes to your health, caffeine and coffee are tricky ones. Some studies say that they are bad for you, others herald the many benefits of the much-loved beverage. Obviously as someone who uses it like a fuel, I prefer to believe the articles that claim it has health perks because they are to my advantage, but I am not naive enough to completely put the blinkers on! I know moderation is the way forward, but unfortunately that isn’t always an option for me!