Connecting With Our Community: BODO Planet Blog

Following on from last week’s blog post about the importance of reaching out and connecting with people who had a similar ethical and Bodo Planet banner connectingmoral code as BODO UK, this week I will be writing about our other website that was created for this purpose. is a website where BODO covers a range of subjects that are in keeping with our vision and ideals of protecting the environment, bringing about real and lasting social change and campaigns that we feel deserve to be heard about.
The blog posts for Bodo Planet are written primarily by Sheniz Raif, who is responsible for creating a lot of BODO’s content, from the posts that appear on our social media pages to product descriptions and the like.
For BODO, the website Bodo Planet is not only a way of giving coverage to the stories that we feel are important and that may not be given the kind of coverage they deserve by the mainstream media, but it is also our way of demonstrating to our followers an in-depth example of the kind of things that we, as a company, care about.
Initially we decided that the website content would solely focus on environmental matters, in keeping with our commitment to help protect the planet. However after some deliberation, we decided to expand and broaden the subject matter to include matters of social interest and the work of other charities and organisations that we felt was important.
We aim to create content that is fresh and appeals to our fanbase and hope that Bodo Planet will serve as a platform through which we can connect and network with our community. We also feel that with the right kind of publicity and marketing, Bodo Planet will also become a tool that will encourage people to read about and get involved with the things that matter.