Connecting With Our Community – BODO’s ATTYRE Blog

From the very early stages of BODO’s inception, we knew how important it would be to connect with people who had an interest in Attyreethical fashion, recycling, the environment and sustainability.  We’ve always felt that this kind of person would be most likely to believe in BODO’s ideals and mission to help bring about real and lasting social change by helping to provide footwear to those in greatest need.  We felt that people who already care about the aforementioned issues would be most likely to support our cause and become fans, followers and of course, customers so engaging these people has always been incredibly important to us.

One of the ways in which we aimed to do this was through our blog Attyre. covers all aspects of ethical fashion and sustainable design and is written and edited by Rosie Clarke, who joined the BODO team in June of 2013 after her writing caught my attention and some of BODO’s other employees.  Rosie has always been passionate about writing and when asked about Attyre and its goals she said; “Through ATTYRE, I hope to inspire others about the world of green innovation, to celebrate BODO footwear, and to show that ethics and aesthetics definitely do go hand in hand. We cover all aspects of sustainable fashion and design, focusing exclusively on all things eco-friendly.”

Through Attyre, we aimed to connect with a community of people who share our interests.  By creating a site with a strong social media presence where people can leave comments and find articles and features of interest, we hope to build a strong fanbase of loyal and frequent site-visitors.  We are also hoping the site’s attractive layout and good content will also help to raise awareness and attract and educate readers who may not have previously been interested in such subjects as this too is an important part of the BODO mission.