Following Your Dreams & Fulfilling Your Potential

I’ve always been someone who has been passionate about helping others to achieve their full potential and realise their dreams. Ever GA2since I joined the London Guardian Angels at the tender age of 16 back in 1989, helping disadvantaged youth get into education and better themselves, I knew this was something that was fundamentally important to me. This desire to help others to achieve their full potential is something that has driven me throughout my working career and has shaped my personality. After the Guardian Angels, I had several job roles in recruitment before going on to work at one of the UK’s biggest charities for the disabled and was actively involved in helping people with disabilities find work or get onto training courses that would facilitate their employment. I have the fondest memories of my years working in this sector and someday I may return to it, but when I had the idea to set up BODO, I knew I had to run with it and put my all into making it a success.