January Battles

I’m not usually one to associate good or bad times with particular times of year, but I am starting to wonder about January. january blues1
It really is starting to feel as though January has it in for me and a lot of the people I know and care about. To be clear here, I’m not talking about the usual going back to work, feeling sorry for yourself rubbish. Anyone who reads this blog knows that I really love my job as CEO of BODO, so the post-holiday blues don’t get to me.
The stuff I’m talking is a bit more serious than that. For me it’s been a challenging few weeks for a number of reasons. For one I’ve been engaged in full on flu-fighting. It feels like someone in my family, either myself, my wife or my young baby daughter has been suffering with that wretched illness for an eternity! The relentless cycle of passing the bug backwards and forwards between family members is really quite trying and tiring. I’m starting to wonder if I should’ve bought shares in Kleenex!!
But I guess the flu is just the flu and you have to get on with it. Sadly that evil bug isn’t the only battle I have faced in the last few weeks. I’ve had to deal with all manner of problems from chasing information, to having to reschedule meetings at the last minute. Because BODO’s launch is imminent, I’ve had more on my plate than usual and my daily schedule resembles a circus juggling act.
It’s not just me either, everyone I seem to speak to at the moment is having a similarly torrid time. Whether it be really serious stuff like ill heath, or really annoying stuff like unforeseen debts and expenses, so many people I’ve spoken to in the last few weeks have really had their hands full.
I’m sorry if it feels like I’ve having a gripe and a moan, but then I think if you can’t have a whinge on your own blog – where can you!!!
If like me, you’ve had a difficult couple of weeks, then I wish you all the best with your January battles, hang on in there guys and gals – thankfully there’s just one more week to go!