Knowing The Law

One of the most important things for any newly starting CEOs is to know the law regarding their employee rights and for the specifics of their Lawcompany.
What tends to happen with a lot of start-up CEOs is that these are people who, just a few weeks ago, were designers or entrepreneurs with grand ideas and visions. But then, once that vision gets the impetus to become a reality and an actual company with real-life employees, bills, letters and a never ending list of important emails to answer, things can get a little hairy. Most start-up CEOs aren’t like the CEOs of established corporations as usually those people got where they are because of their knowledge of the sector and all that goes with it.
A lot of the time a creative person with the original idea is catapulted from being someone with goal or vision, to someone in charge of lots of money and people all looking up to them for instruction and guidance.
This is why it is important to have a clear understanding of the law. There’s no point bringing out a product that someone else has already copyrighted – a very basic example, but I’m sure you’ll catch my drift. In much the same way, you wouldn’t want your young company coming unstuck simply because of an utterly avoidable lawsuit because you didn’t pay attention to health and safety regulations in the workplace.
It would also be completely tragic for your company to come unstuck because you didn’t treat your employees right and they end up walking away and joining your competitor, or worse, suing you for failing to uphold the basic rights of their contracts.
In this way, I’m lucky, because coming from a recruitment background and having worked in the employment sector for many years, I already had quite substantial knowledge on the subject before starting BODO UK. I’ve made sure to implement this knowledge in the running of BODO UK and I feel it has really helped me to avoid certain pitfalls.
For anyone starting their own company, or thinking of setting up a start-up, I cannot emphasize the importance of it enough. I know for many creative types, the legality side of things can seem a little boring, but it is definitely worth slogging through!