Looking Back Over Blogs Past…

This week I was looking for inspiration for what to write for Friday’s blog post, so I went scouring through my past topics, starting right at the Bloggingbeginning. Looking back through all of the blog posts I’ve put up here was a really interesting experience, especially poring over some of my earlier posts. I remember feeling apprehensive and nervous about the whole thing and not especially keen on the idea. As I’ve said before, starting and maintaining a blog isn’t really natural to me, I never particularly wanted to be a writer and I am conscious of posting every detail of my life on the internet, something I believe has become a bit of an issue with modern society. I’ve also struggled with dyslexia for most of my life, so have to be really careful that these posts aren’t littered with errors. So you can imagine that I wasn’t exactly bubbling over with joy and excitement when BODO’s social media experts advised that I should start writing my own blog and that’s putting it lightly.
Though I wasn’t exactly over-enthusiastic when the blog began, I’ve gotten quite used to the idea of it now, it has somehow worked its way into my weekly routine and honestly I have started to find it quite cathartic. In a strange sort of way, it helps me to process all that is going on with my life and with BODO and compartmentalise stuff.
Looking back at the previous posts invoked a kind of pleasant nostalgia and was really useful in many ways. When you are really busy, like I am at the moment, running a business, preparing to launch and being the father of a 1-year-old who has clearly inherited all of my nocturnal traits, life can be really frantic! Some of the stuff I re-read, I’d even forgotten had happened and it was an interesting way of recapping all the things that had happened in the insanely busy 18 months that I have experienced. Some of the posts are like bizarre little time capsules into what was going on in my head at the time that they were written!!
I guess what I’m trying to say is that even though I was pretty reluctant at the start, blogging has really grown on me and I can see why it is such a useful tool for CEOs and business execs!