Making A Difference

I think I’ve done enough elaborating on dislikes for a while, so I’m moving away from that which winds me up and onto what makes me happy.  IMake a difference2 thought I may as well start with the whole reason I have this blog and that’s BODO.  One of the ways in which I really have found fulfilment in my life, is through my employment.  With BODO, I’m the founder of a company with a vision and goals to do real good in this world.  Not only is it great because it was my dream and my vision to create a company like BODO, but I really find my work fulfilling and have a sense of achievement because I thoroughly enjoy the feeling of making a positive impact in this world. 

Making A differenceEarly on in my working career I realised that in order for me to be fulfilled at work, for me to be able to get up every day, to get in my car or get on a train and get to work, I knew that I needed the motivation of doing some good to get me there.
For me, working has never been about the paycheque, for as long as I can remember, it’s always been about how I can help.  If I don’t feel like I’m doing some good, or making a difference, there doesn’t seem much point to it all! It really is the incentive and the stimulus I need to get me out of bed and keep me focussed and sharp.  Throughout my career, the majority of my jobs have been about helping people in some form or another, whether it’s been getting people into work, or helping them get on courses, those have been the jobs that I have enjoyed the most and lasted in the longest.  Early on in my career, I had a few jobs that were not like this and quite frankly I really did not enjoy them and did not stay in them for very long.
That’s why starting BODO and working towards getting the company up and running and where I envisage it to be has been so important to me.  I know I am one of the lucky ones, there are a lot of people out there, who have a great idea, but who never get the backing to follow their dreams and watch them realised.