More Bad Habits – I Guess I Have Quite A Few!

Continuing on from last week’s excavation of my personality and bad habits, it seems like I still haven’t finished dredging through those bad habits No clutterwith you guys. I thought two posts might be enough to cover it, but it seems I was wrong…
Another part of my personality that I suppose you can see as a bad habit (though I’m not entirely convinced that this one is so bad) is the fact that I am a bit of minimalist and I hate clutter. This means that those who co-inhabit living or working space with me will have to justify the existence of any objects or items in my eyeline or face having it recycled, donated to charity or gifted to the first passerby who looks like they will take it off my hands.
Ok so that might be a slight exaggeration, I don’t go giving my loved ones stuff away just because it grates on me, but if I don’t think something is necessary or that it is cluttering the space where I live or work, I will nag until the owning party gets so fed up with listening to me bang on about it that eventually they end up getting rid!!
The thing that my wife often finds difficult to stomach is whilst being this hardline minimalist, I still have my weird collections of things that some will see in the same light as the clutter I am determined to keep out of my life. One of my collections I have spoken about before is of trainers. I do have quite a few pairs taking up a fair portion of cupboard and bedroom space. So on the one hand, whilst I whinging at her to get rid of those unnecessary ornaments, dvds or whatever, I am still adding to my beloved trainer and other collections. It is a little bit hypocritical I suppose, but then at least trainers are useful unlike hideous doilies or VHS’s that can’t be watched any longer!!