My Bad Habits: Persistently Talking About Work

Following on from my decision to give the readers of this blog an insight into the real me, I thought I’d do a few entries on my bad habits, becauseElbows on table we all have them and they make up a fair portion of our personalities.  Anyone who tries to tell you that they don’t have any is telling big fat porkies!

Everyone has what some may consider to be “bad habits” and we’re never all going to agree all the time on what constitutes a “bad habit”, like for some people, putting elbows on the dinner table whilst eating would be considered a bad habit, but for many of us, it’s not something we’d even notice, let alone find irritating or disagreeable. bad habits

I guess then, the “bad habits” I’ll be writing about are the things I notice about myself, the things I know I could probably do with changing for the benefit of those around me and I’ll start with probably the worst one of the lot for my long suffering loved ones – talking about work all the time!

As you all well know, I am really passionate about BODO UK and because it is a small startup, I have brought in a lot of family and friends to work with me on the project.  Some have come in as contractors, doing odd bits and pieces as and when they are needed, others I have brought on board in a more long-term capacity.   This has meant that my social circle and my business have collided, so a lot of the time, gatherings with friends, birthdays, dinners, etc, can turn into impromptu business meetings. 

For the last few years, my dear wife has had to put up with me interrupting conversations with her best friend, with BODO updates as her friend is one of our main writers. They will be happily chatting away, catching up with what has been going on in their lives and suddenly I’ll appear with some BODO information and take the conversation into a totally different direction. 

I know some of my loved ones would prefer it if I toned the work talk down a little and recently I have made the effort to try and separate the two a bit more (like waiting till after the candles have been blown out at my nephews birthday party before bringing it up!) but at the same time everyone is so used to it that its kinda just been accepted.  BODO is a part of my personality now and I’m lucky that those around me show an interest in it too!