My Love Of Tattoos & Tattoo Art

Petes-Beastie-Boys-tatt-300x300For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated by tattoos and tattoo art. I myself have numerous different designs, I’m not covered from head-to-foot or anything, but I do sport several tats. A great many of my tattoos have been done by Jeff Ortega, including my latest design, a Run DMC & Beastie Boys mashup that I’ve included a picture of!! I’m also pretty proud of my dream catcher tats as the imagery and what they symbolise means a great deal to me. Every single one of my tattoos is significant though, they each hold different memories or remind me of certain times of my life – people I hung around with, things I got up to etc. I also feel that they say a lot about my personality, encompassing my love for creativity, design and originality.

 Tattoos are one of my biggest passions (after BODO of course) and I’d even go as far as to say that I have something of a tattoo addiction as not long after one tat is completed, I’m thinking about what to have next! In fact, I’ve already got plans for my next piece of ink which will be a very special one because it combines two of my biggest passions in life, I’m just waiting for the BODO Sandal to go on sale and then I’m going to get inked with an image of the sandal and the BODO Logo! I will of course post pictures of it on here when it’s done!