Our Growing Love Affair With Trainers

I was reading an article in the newspaper about society’s growing affection for posting pictures of their favourite trainers on social media

One day, people shall be wearing these to business meetings

we are nearing a time, when wearing these to business meetings will be perfectly acceptable

platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and it really got me thinking.
As my friends will already well know and I have previously mentioned on this blog, I am already a self-confessed trainer addict, I’ve been collecting the things for years and have amassed quite an impressive collection.
The article explored the rise of platforms like Instagram for fashion and footwear advertising and I started pondering the reasons why so many of us become so attached to our beloved trainers.
Trainers3I must admit that I’m not one of those people who regularly takes pictures of whatever sneakers I am wearing that day and posts them on social media. I do however often find myself sharing stories, articles, pictures, videos and the like about the latest releases, limited editions and rare items.
I think that part of my own love of collecting trainers also inspired me to start BODO, as the idea of people not having any footwear was an incredibly disturbing one. Obviously the inspiration behind BODO goes much much deeper than that as I have previously elaborated, but you get what I mean, I hope.
For me, trainers say so much more than shoes. If I’m totally honest, shoes bore me a little. I love that society is becoming more and more acceptable towards expressive fashion that is loud, colourful and not the traditional suit and tie job.

I mean if you think back a few years ago, most people with an office job would have to squeeze themselves into their plain dark coloured shoes, put on a shirt and trousers and head off to work feeling stuffy and uncomfortable. Now, with companies like Google, Facebook and their techie startup counterparts leading the way, wearing jeans, t-shirts and trainers to go to a job where you work at a computer has become much more acceptable if not the norm.
If you are someone who still has to wear the full suit shebang to work, my apologies to you, but just by stepping on a rush hour train, it does seem that more people get to dress a little more themselves at work.
I’m all for freedom with the attire world, I personally really don’t like suits and don’t like to think of people being forced into wearing one particular style of clothing, just because tradition dictates it so!

Not quite my bedroom, but maybe one day!

Not quite my bedroom, but maybe one day!