People Who Judge On Appearance

This week, I’m ranting on about another of my big bones of contention; people who judge on appearance. People who know me (and those of youAppearance judge2 who read this blog) will know that I have a couple of piercings and am quite fond of tattoos too.
One of the things that really winds me up about certain sections of society is that overwhelming need to judge someone on their appearance.
One of the most common judgements made about people who have tattoos and piercings is that they are lowlifes, druggies, alcoholics and just general scum of the earth types. To be quite honest with you, I really can’t get my head around where this idea has come from, I know a hell of a lot of people with tattoos and piercings and they are all perfectly functional members of society; they all have jobs, families and pay their taxes!
When I worked in the employment sector, trying to help those who had left school with little or no qualifications into work or further education, apprenticeships, training courses or fulfilling employment, I came across this view amongst employers a lot. Many were reluctant to take people on, if their appearance was a little outside of the norm and I was constantly battling for my clients who were being judged in this way.
Appearance Judge1Similarly, I also really hate it when people judge someone’s worth by how expensive or well-known the label of clothing they are wearing is. Expensive attire doesn’t make anyone a better human being, a more valuable employee or a good friend!
Thankfully, this out-dated, archaic attitude does appear to be shifting somewhat, I touched on it lightly in my blog about trainers and fashion a few weeks ago, exploring how these days, people are much more accepted for expressing a bit of personality in their appearance and are not constantly forced into shiny black shoes and a suit and tie!
See as far as I’m concerned people don’t fit neatly into boxes, there are many wonderful, epic, super-talented successful people out there with tattoos and piercings, just as their not so wonderful ones. But in my eyes, the same goes for someone who looks “normal” or is dressed in what is deemed as smart attire. I mean, just because someone is wearing a tie or a smart jacket, doesn’t automatically mean they rank as a good or successful person in my book, they could just as easily go home and beat up on their kids or be a bit of rogue, if you catch my drift!
For me, people’s actions, attitude and behaviours determine whether I want them in my life, not what they look like or what they are wearing!!