Pure London – An Incredible Event

Last week I went along to one of the biggest fashion events in the UK, Pure London at the Olympia.  The event took place between the 2nd and 4thPure of August and showcases some of the hottest up and coming brands as well as leading brands that are on the market.  It is a trade only event that presents forward-order collections from hundreds of fashion brands to an audience of thousands of retailers.  

There is a lot going on at Pure, from catwalk performances, to talks about the fashion industry in general and retail advice for startups and beginners. It also had talks advising on setting up online stores, visual merchandising and styling sessions, all very important factors if you want to be a success in the fashion world.   
 I went to scope the event out with the intention of getting the BODO Sandal featured at the next event and it was a really interesting experience.  The place was kitted out by people who really know their stuff, bold, eye-catching displays lured you in and encouraged you to check out the various different products being showcased.  I listened in to several thought provoking talks on the fashion industry, some of the subject areas I already knew about of course, but it also gave me a lot of new ideas.  As well as that, it was also intriguing to see what other brands have really captured the public’s interest and are breaking through onto the scene with a bang!
 I really do enjoy attending events like this, I’ve got a thirst for knowledge and I don’t think that you can ever know too much about the industry you are trying to break into. 
I think events like these are really fascinating and an excellent platform for those with really good ideas who are trying to get their foot in the door. I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to get BODO on the bill for the next Pure event that is scheduled to take place in February of 2016 and that if I’m successful , the event will be a tremendous opportunity to promote the BODO Sandal.