Sorting The ‘Talkers’ From The ‘Doers’

If you want to be a successful CEO, one of the most important things and something I learnt the hard way very early on, is learning to sort those who “talk the talk” from those who “walk the walk”. talkers quote
Unfortunately there are a lot of silver-tongued people out there who can talk the talk, convince you that they are the best in the business, will get you Forbes magazine before the end of the month and promise you success beyond your wildest dreams and so and so forth, but who simply cannot (or will not) deliver.
These are the so-called, “talkers” and what I’ve found (though this isn’t always the case) is that they will sell themselves better than the “Doers”, those who do actually have the skills, experience and aptitude to help your company succeed. In my experience, the “Doers”, the ones that have actually delivered on promises and contracts, are much more humble in the way in which they pitch themselves, than those who quite frankly, are just full of hot air (and that’s putting it politely!)
doersDon’t get me wrong, some of the most successful folk will also have the silver-tongues and this breed can walk the walk as well as they talk the talk. But it is very important for CEO’s, especially those working on shoestring budgets, to be able to weed out the bad seeds.
I cannot stress enough the importance of checking references when deciding to employ people or grant contracts. These days it is much easier because the internet has opened up a whole new avenue on which to find out about potential employees. As well as checking with the referees provided (because most people have ways in which to provide references that don’t tell the whole story) it is always worth doing a little bit of internet fact checking. Of course, with some employment roles it will be harder to find details on the internet, than per se if you were checking up on someone who claimed to be an internet whizzkid or social media supremo, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to look!
At the end of the day, you have to protect your assets and dishing out large sums of money to a person or contractor who isn’t going to provide the goods, is a sure-fire way to put unnecessary strain on your budget!!