Starting My Own Family

Just a few months ago, I got some life-changing news, my Fiancé Nadir Ismail discovered she was pregnant and honestly, I can’t describe how happy this has made me. I’ve always loved kids, but hadn’t planned to start a family right now. To be honest this all came as a bit of a surprise for me and it seems that the rollercoaster ride of parenthood is about to begin! It’s amazing how much it changes you, even before that little person arrives, your whole life starts slowly revolving around them. I’m doing my best to prepare, to have everything ready, but despite this, I know I’m going to be in for a tumultuous time and I’m sure the child is going to have a few surprise in store for us – well if he/she is anything like me that is!! In just a few months, it’s going to be late nights, early mornings, stinky nappies, burping, feeding and all the rest! Baby Shadow picstarting-family-300x174
I’m finding it difficult to contain my excitement about being a dad, I can’t wait to show our child the world and provide a nurturing environment for the little mini-me or mini-Nadir. Oh and when I can get the little’un in his or her first pair of teeny little BODO Sandals, I will be sure to post some pics on here for you guys!
On a serious note, one of the reasons I am so determined and passionate about BODO and making a difference, is for our children. I don’t mean to sound cheesy, but I’ve always kind had that belief; that we need to protect our environment and our world, so that our children have a future to look forward to and a healthy planet to inherit!