The Barefoot Foundation

One charity I have always admired, even before I started BODO, is the Barefoot Foundation. It was started by world-famous popstar Barefoot1Shakira in the late 90s, when she was just 18-years old, as a means of helping impoverished children in her native Columbia. Shakira, who is a huge philanthropist, believes that all children deserve basic rights, the right to a quality education and emotional and social support and through the Barefoot Foundation (or Pies Descalzos Foundation) aims to reach some of the most disadvantaged children in the world. One of the reasons I have always respected the Barefoot Foundation’s work is Barefoot2because they strive to bring about real social change. They aren’t simply about handouts or short-term solutions. They believe that every child deserves the right to be educated, to make something of themselves, to be supported and to study in a safe and nurturing environment. They aren’t the biggest charity in the world, but their direction and ambition is clear and no one can doubt the fantastic work they have done and are continuing to do.
I’ve often mentioned on here that, how I’m a firm believer in building strong relationships and networking with other organisations with similar beliefs and ideals as your own, so of course I would love the opportunity to work with a charity like the Barefoot Foundation. BODO has made some contact with them and explained our ideals and mission, I’m hopeful that in future blogs I’ll be bringing you news of a strong working relationship between our organisations!