The Diary – A Busy Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

One of my closest allies since I started BODO UK and officially became an entrepreneur is my diary. I use the one on my phone, but whether you use a smartphone or a leather-bound one that looks like its been pick-pocketed from Gandalf, is down to you!  Just as long as you get one and aren’t afraid to use it! One tragic fate that befalls many diaries is

A kind of diary...

A kind of diary…

uncaring owners that have them, but fail to use them! Don’t be one of those people, make sure you put important events, meetings and tasks into your diary and check it at the very least once a day!
When you are starting your own business, there is a strong possibility that once the ball gets rolling you are going to become incredibly busy, maybe busier than you’ve ever been before! Even the most organised folk can benefit from keeping a diary and checking it regularly, as we can all fall victim to episodes of forgetfulness at times especially when we are under a lot of pressure.
The other good thing about keeping a diary is that it helps with time-management, something I mentioned in my blog a few weeks ago. When you keep an accurate up-to-date diary, you have something solid you can refer back to see how long

...MY kind of diary

…MY kind of diary

things take in real-time, rather than how long they’d take in the idealistic realm where things take as long as you wish they would! Using a basic example like a team meeting per se, looking back if you know your average team meeting takes an hour, you know to schedule enough time for next one and ensure that you aren’t rushing or late for your next appointment or task.
Of course, your diary isn’t a magician and it won’t be able to account for things like delayed trains, unexpected traffic jams or your internet deciding not to work that day, however it does give you an advantage when you are starting up a business and trying to do several job roles at once.