The Importance Of Finding A Good Manufacturer

There are a lot of pitfalls when it comes to trying to create and market a new and innovative product when you are an entrepreneur or BODO Fan (2) Choice Blogstarting a small business. One thing I’ve learnt as the CEO of BODO UK is how important it is to find the right manufacturer and develop a good working relationship with this company. It’s difficult when you have a vision about the way you want your product to look, feel, smell, taste etc and the reality of what can be done doesn’t always match up to your expectations. It is also easy to be taken advantage of if you do not know your rights or read your contract properly – so always read the small print!
I’m really happy with the manufacturers we have found to create BODO UK’s flagship product, the BODO Sandal, but finding them and establishing a contract that suited both parties was by no means easy. It took a hell of a lot Colour Choices 3of research and then when we found the manufacturers that were right for us, it then took a lot of complicated negotiations, establishing a fee that suited both parties and setting the bar for the impeccable standard we wanted our product to meet.
For budding entrepreneurs out there looking to get their products out there on the market, I would say that the importance of finding the right manufacturer for you is tantamount. I would advise people to take their time, do their research and not be afraid to be firm about what you want and expect the finished product to be like. It might be tempting to be gung-ho and make a deal with the first manufacturer you find, especially when you are really eager to get a product on the shelves, but I can’t stress enough how important it is to explore your options.