The Life Coach Con

Moving on from my bad habits, which I have been elaborating on for my readers over the last few weeks, I am now scratching the surface of whatLife coach meme2 makes me who I am, by exploring my likes and dislikes. As this is something that’s been bugging me a lot recently, I thought I would share with you guys my utter contempt for the so-called “Life Coach”.
I mean what in the world is a “Life Coach” anyhow? A little bit of research on the net and you can find thousands if not millions of over-priced, jumped up courses offering a life coach qualification. This is my first bone of contention, as these qualifications mean doodly-squat in the real world. Life coaching is a relatively new discipline (and I call it a discipline with Life coach meme1the biggest pinch of salt), it is an unregulated body which means even the worst life coach in the world, won’t get struck off, because there isn’t anyone to do the striking! This really really bugs me, because I can’t help but imagine a bunch of suited and booted charlatans masquerading around rental offices in the city, spouting a load of ostentatious crap in the charade of providing a qualification!!
I’ve read a few really good articles from investigative journalists who have delved into the realm of “life coach qualifications” and it really does seem that all you need to do to walk away with your flimsy certificate is turn up on the day and speak when spoken to!
I’m sure the really rubbish life coaches don’t get repeat bookings and can’t command the ridiculous fees that the more successful breed can demand, but it all still reeks of cow dung to me.
What also worries me is their target audience, I hate to think of vulnerable people who are looking to fix up their lives and improve themselves being swindled out of their hard earned savings, by people who are basically trained to ask open-ended questions and mimic their clients body language.
I imagine that there are some life coaches out there who can help certain types of people get their lives back on track, but I struggle to see them as any more than a motivational speaker. You certainly would not catch me forking out to go and see one and I think hell would have to freeze over before I’d even consider doing a qualification in life coaching.
I appreciate that not everyone out there will agree with me, but in my opinion, life coaching is just a huge con!