The Most Annoying Calls Known To Man…“Our Records Indicate You’ve Been In A Car Crash”

A little while ago, I was writing about likes and dislikes and I am actually a little bit disappointed in myself for leaving out one of the biggest pet Annoying phone callspeeves! I mean of course, those ridiculously annoying cold callers who state that their records indicate you’ve been in car crash that wasn’t your fault.  Usually, I don’t allow the call to go beyond this point as I try an terminate it as abruptly as possible, but we all know it’s about getting your personal details and or having you sign up for some incredulous insurance scam.  

Once these nefarious companies have your number in their records, they are harder to get rid of that Japanese Knotweed and you may as well resign yourself to a future that consists of looking speculatively at your phone whenever an unrecognised number calls, trying to work out if it might be an important business call or in fact one of these leeches! As the founder of a startup, I get a lot of calls from numbers that aren’t stored in my contacts list, companies I have reached out to, potential partners, freelance employees, potential customers and so on, this means that unlike some people, I do not have the luxury of simply ignoring calls from numbers which I do not recognise. 
Blocking the persistent pests doesn’t seem to work either, for they have pre-empted this strategy.  No sooner than you’ve blocked one number, another one pops up, for these companies are perpetually changing their numbers and names (probably because they are being shut down or reported to trading standards watchdogs) and another number slips through your net. 
There is nothing worse than waiting anxiously for an important business phonecall (a position I regularly find myself in) only to have the phone ring and find one of these companies on the other end of the line.  The irritation is immeasurable and what worries me is that they target the vulnerable too.  I’d never fall for it, but I dread to think how many people have fallen from their scam, the elderly, the desperately poor, those who have genuinely been in a car crash that wasn’t their fault, the list goes on!!  Saying you’ve never been in car crash doesn’t seem to work as they’ve got another line, apparently their oracle-like records then indicate that your car was hit whilst parked by another party at fault! This was a line I heard recently, from a friend who does not and has never driven or owned a car and it really is enough to make your blood boil!  They really are a type of company the world could really do without!!