The Pitfalls & The Positives Of Running A Startup

A few years ago, I made a life-changing decision – to quit my job and start my own company! I’d had a vision, (alongside some close friends) to create a fashionable sandal, environmentally friendly because it was made from recycled tyres, that I would use the buy one donate one business model to help those in poverty who could not afford footwear. I was pursuing my dream and actually going out there and doing something to make a positive impact felt really good, as did seeing my ideas become a reality, however it hasn’t beenColour Choices 3 without its pitfalls. There’s a lot of stuff that can go wrong when you are running your own business, things that you just wouldn’t experience as an employee per se. One of the problems I encountered was working with external consultants who would promise you the world, but the reality of what they actually delivered would be a very different thing. YosamiteWeeding out the cowboys from those who will actually make a positive impact on your company can be an utterly long-winded and painstaking process. The other thing that tests my mettle is organising the finance of the business. There is a very fine line between ensuring that things are done to the high quality I expect, without going over budget. Another issue I’ve found, is frettingScales over staff payments, if you have the slightest hiccup in your accounts on or around payday, it can be a mad rush to ensure all your staff get paid on time, for they have mortgages, kids, commitments and responsibilities and I would hate to let them down. When I was just an employee, it was only my finances I had to worry about, but now I find myself concerned with it on a much larger scale.You have to ensure all the subscriptions are paid, the employees are looked after, products or tools you need for the business are purchased and that’s just the beginning. Luckily I’ve had some help from some top-notch accountants, who have helped me ensure that things run as smoothly as you could expect for a startup in its early stages! Following my dream has been great, but it hasn’t been without its downsides, I guess though, the challenges you face are what makes your success feel so rewarding in the long run!