The Relationship Between Fashion & Music

It’s no secret that there is a massive importantly relationship between music and fashion, it’s been there for as long as the two industries have Run DMC Adidasexisted. Think back as far as your knowledge of popular culture goes and you will no doubt have images of people wearing spangley Elvis shirts and oversized flares and the like!
As the years have gone on, the relationship has continued to grow, with fashion labels sponsoring artists and fans of those artists flocking to buy the gear that is worn by those they admire. It makes sense, fashion and music are both forms of art and expression, whether you are creating it, or using it to express yourself and your identity.
One of my favourite artists is Run DMC and as I’ve mentioned before, I also have a bit of a fetish for collecting trainers. Some of my most prized possessions include the collaboration sneakers created by Adidas featuring Run DMC which I love for obvious reasons.
Because it is part of my vision for BODO that it becomes a brand that is instantly recognizable and known worldwide and music is something that will help us to achieve this goal, I am currently working on various different projects to cement this relationship.
One of the things I have in the pipeline is working with an artist from Venice Beach, California. This artist plans to wear our BODO Sandals in one of his video clips and is also working on a catchy tune, specifically for us. I will of course, provide more details once the video and music release dates draw closer.
Making an impact in the music industry is something that is very important to me and I am always on the lookout for celebrity patrons of the company…Watch this space for more details!