The Tough Ones

One of the hardest things about running your own company is when that time comes around that you have to make the tough decisions. I’m Tough Decisions2talking about that kind of choice where both options have equal amounts of pros and cons and it is almost impossible to decide which way to go. In an ideal world, things would always go to plan and the path we should take would be clearly signposted and easy to navigate. Unfortunately however, as I’m sure you all know well enough, we don’t live in an ideal world and the choices we have to make aren’t always that simple!
Sometimes, no matter how well prepared you are for all eventualities, life decides to throw you a curveball and there isn’t a darn thing you can do about it but try your best to pull a swerve so you don’t get hit in the face! I guess making choices like these is part and parcel of running a business, but knowing that certainly doesn’t make it any easier!
Since BODO began, I’ve had to make more than my fair share of tough calls, you just have to make Tough Decisions1sure you do your research, evaluate your options meticulously and then ride out the storm.
Just recently I’ve had to make one of those calls, it was taking the decision to delay the launch of our online sales from April when it was supposed to happen, until later on in the summer.
We’d done so much preparation and it seemed as though everything was falling into place, but due to some unforeseen circumstances that I won’t elaborate on here, I was given little choice but to delay things.
It wasn’t a choice that was easy to make and one that I thought long and hard about. There was much deliberating over numerous cups of coffee, more meetings than I care to elaborate on and a lot of paperwork to get through, but in the end, as certain aspects integral to the successful launch of online sales were not fully ready, I had to hit the pause button. In my eyes, it was better to hold off until we’d worked out those glitches than risk launching and watching things crash around me!
Despite being thoroughly disappointed that we had to delay the launch, I am retaining my usual optimism, things are coming together nicely and I am hopeful that there will be a big launch in the very near future!