Time – A Most Precious Commodity

This week, I celebrated my first wedding anniversary and to be quite honest with you, I really don’t know where this year has gone! One thing thatMelting Dali Clock I’ve noticed since the start of BODO, is that time seems to travel so much quicker when you are running your own company. Add into that mix the fact that I am also father to a baby daughter who is also approaching a year of age and has filled our lives with joy and nappies and you can probably work out that now, time for me has become one of the most precious commodities.
One thing you realise sharpish when you run your own company, is that your own time and working time often becomes one and the same, no matter how much you try to keep the two separate. This becomes painfully apparent if you are ever unfortunate enough to get sick, (as I was unlucky enough to experience a few weeks ago, when I was struck down with a nasty throat infection). In many other types of job (though I appreciate this doesn’t count for all of them) when you are off sick from work, that’s pretty much you done until you are recovered! Your workload either waits for you when you get better, or cover is arranged to deal with that which is pressing or urgent during your absence. When you are running a company, that all changes dramatically, much of the time, you can’t pass the ropes onto someone else because you are the only one who can carry out those tasks, sign those forms, or whatever. It’s definitely one of the most challenging things of running a startup!
Over this last year, I have been engaged in a tumultuous juggling act, attempting to shuffle the needs of my baby daughter and my wife and family with the needs of BODO.
I really enjoy the challenge, but being this busy all of the time, really makes time go so much quicker. I look back over the last year and I honestly can’t believe it has been 12 months since I said those vows to my beautiful fiancé and nearly 11 months since our baby daughter came into our lives. It really makes you realise how precious time really is!!