Whisper & Their Campaign Against The Jigger Flea

One of the organisations which I have greatly admired and with whom BODO work closely with is the Uganda-based NGO, Whisper. Whisper was founded by a friend of mine called Veronika, who was moved to start an orphanage after her travels through the country. Since their inception, Whisper have done a fantastic job providing the things that every child deserves, such as love, compassion, food, clean water, healthcare and education, to the many children in their care. Jigger Flea Whisper
In January, Whisper launched a new appeal, in an attempt to raise £820 via the Golden Giving platform to help them purchase a new motorbike that will help the organisation expand their outreach work. This motorbike will enable Whisper to get their dedicated team out into the heart of rural Uganda, in order to help some of the people who have been most badly affected by the notorious jigger flea.
Many of us who live in the western world will not have heard of this terrible parasite. For those of you who don’t know, it is a pesky creature that burrows deep into its human host, laying eggs and multiplying before causing all sorts of problems like gangrene and infection. It is a painful affliction and the only way to get rid of it is to cut the bugs out, people who do not have access to professional healthcare are often compelled to do so themselves, sharing blades and scalpels and leading to the spread of other diseases such as HIV and tetanus.
Once the jigger flea infection has taken hold, it causes great pain for its host, leaving people unable to work and provide for their families. It stops children going to school and can often lead to lifelong disability as amputation of digits and sometimes of the whole foot, is sadly what ends up happening if the disease remains untreated for too long.
The jigger flea tends to affect those who are forced to go barefoot because they cannot afford footwear, which is another reason why Whisper’s efforts to treat and eradicate this problem is so important to BODO. Once we launch, we hope to provide Whisper with many of our donation Sandals in order for them to distribute to those who have been worst affected.
I wanted to share Whisper’s appeal on my blog and offer them all my support in their efforts to help those who have suffered with this terrible affliction!