CEO’s and blogging

I was having a discussion with one of BODO’s marketing execs the other day and we got to talking about blogs and why so many CEOs write Ceos and blogging2blogs and why indeed I am writing this one. It was quite a broad discussion about how strange it is that so many CEOs write blogs these days when compared to the dark days before the internet.
I guess the equivalent back then would have been a CEO writing a pretty successful book, or publishing a column in a big newspaper! So yeah, a few would have done what you could see as a similar discipline or outreach tool, but it is nowhere like what it is today. Pretty much every CEO of every major start up, especially those that are in any way internet-based, has one. Some of those, I’m sure do it out of love for writing about the things that motivate them, for having a platform to share their ideas, adventures and experiences. But for others (and I would fall into this bracket) many CEOs write blogs because they are advised to by their marketers.
Ceos and blogging1Blogging has many advantages, it can help to increase your website’s search-engine rankings because new and fresh content appears on it on a regular basis as well as enabling you to connect with your consumers in a way that just wasn’t possible before. The key thing here is the way in which the internet has made people more social.
Before, if you wanted to do some research on a company that you were interested in buying from it was painstakingly difficult. You’d probably need a qualification in research-techniques and possibly have to spend hours in a dusty corner of your local library, browsing through a plethora of newspaper cuttings. Nowadays you can find out pretty much all you want to know about a company or organisation on your smartphone whilst waiting at the bus stop and eating a cornetto!
Because finding this information has become so much easier, many more people are interested in discovering it and that for me is why blogging is so important. If your consumers want to know what motivates your organisation, to find out if you really are as ethical as you claim to be on your labels, they can find out with a couple of clicks! Your vision is now something that you can shout and be proud about, social media is your platform and your voice!
Of course there is always the chance that no one will read your blog apart from your mum and your best friend, but there’s just as much chance that it will work as an incredible platform for you to promote your dreams and goals!